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Photo of a Video Game Music Composer Damian Moloney Scores Synthesized, Ambient, Dark, Orchestral, to Heavy, Rock, Metal, Progressive, Distorted electronic, 16bit, 8bit + Retrowave/Synthwave/Vaporwave music for Action Strategy Platform Shooter fighting Stealth Survival Adventure Dark Simulation Scifi Physics retro cyberpunk open world games

I am Damian Moloney, a husband, father of two kids and two long dogs, award-nominated composer and sound designer for video games under the moniker 'Evader Music'. With over a decade of experience in composition and production, I have dedicated the past five years to providing exceptional music for indie games.

My expertise encompasses a wide range of musical styles, including but not limited to synthesized, ambient, dark, orchestral, heavy rock, metal, progressive, distorted electronic, 16-bit, 8-bit, and Retrowave/Synthwave/Vaporwave. While I take pride in my strengths and accomplishments, I am always eager to explore new and uncharted territory in the realm of music composition, continuously seeking to expand my knowledge and skill set.

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